Photo by Lauren Nicole Smith

the promise of a pencil

I recently read a book that’s changed my way of doing things and my approach to life. It’s called "The promise of a Pencil" by Adam Braun.
Why has it had such an effect on me? I was influenced by his obvious passion towards his family and his project, Pencils of Promise. He makes you want to commit more to others.

April, 2015


breakfast at the thief

Breakfast is one of my favorite parts of the day, I call it "my time". Normally it consists of oatmeal, fruit and tea.
And I never leave the house without it!!
Well, there are always some exceptions …


the @outandaboutoslo instagram

outandaboutoslo instagram

Quitting my job

How I quit my job and moved abroad.
A post written for Blog Society.


trees support life

When browsing through my photos the other day, I realized I had a lot of photos of trees; it’s like I have been collecting them.
I guess I like trees; they definitely enhance the beauty of a place.

March, 2015


"every child should have access to quality education"

Photo by Lauren Nicole Smith

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